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Here we provide answers to the most frequently asked questions our clients pose. If you have more, please contact us directly by email or telephone.

How much do tours cost?


We have a range of prices for the short, standard and long adventure tours, as well as special prices for the customised extra tours and services. We offer group discounts for 10 or more. On the three main tours children under 10 years old are half price and those under 6 years old go free of charge when accompanied by an adult. Please contact us providing the number in your tour party, ages if appropriate, and the date(s) of your proposed visit.

What age restrictions are there for the tours?


Effectively none. Common sense obviously prevails but we have had 4 year olds on the standard tour and 6 year olds on the long tour who enjoyed themselves immensely. Babes in arms have been carried by parents and our guides on the short tour. At the other end of the age range we have had people in their late seventies comfortably adventuring on all three tours.

How fit do I have to be?


Average fitness is the requirement here although we have had visitors do the long tour comfortably supported by a stick! This is adventure tourism, not extreme adventure tourism. If you enjoy a good country walk you will have no problem. For the standard and long tours you will be in the river water some minutes at a time. 




Is the water cold or dangerous?


If you are used to Alpine or Rocky Mountain streams you will find the water a pleasant surprise. Equally it is warmer than the sea in Europe and North America. After prolonged exposure you may find yourself feeling a little cold at the end of the trip, especially where the canyon is narrow and gets little sun. But you can warm up by the boats and on the return trip in the lower canyon. In the dry season there is very little current and the water levels are low. The river is clear and easy to navigate. In the rainy season, particularly towards the later months the river runs faster and higher and has some natural water slides in the current. The guides have the experience to show you the safe route through the small rapids. Only if the canyon is at flood levels will it be closed by INTUR, the government tourist agency. In normal years the number of days it is closed is only a handful.




How high do I have to jump from?


All jumps are optional. Even at the only jump required on the standard and long tours of one metre a guide can lower you into the water. There are opportunities to jump from one to twenty metres but we only recommend the latter for experienced free-jumpers. The guide will show you where the water is deep enough at all the jumping places. Your safety is our paramount concern. There is no requirement to jump on the short tour.

Are life jackets provided?


Yes. We recommend everyone wear a life jacket for safety purposes. However, when the river is low in the dry season competent swimmers may prefer to go without. The longest distant you will have to swim in any one stretch is 75m. Consult with your guide first.


What do I need to bring on the tour?


Water, camera and sunblock are the only requirements for the tour. All your other belongings stay safely behind in our private rooms at the house. Each guide carries a waterproof bag in which you can place your camera, sunblock and water. For the long tour guides will also carry snack items. But you may bring some fruit or your own snack for the mid-way break. We also have river shoes which you can use if you do not wish to get your own wet. Hiking boots are NOT recommended for canyoning as they are too heavy.

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